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Amien Rais Speaks of Irregularities about Him Being Called By The Police

Redaksi – Rabu, 28 Muharram 1440 H / 10 Oktober 2018 20:11 WIB

Foto: Amien Rais. (Rifkianto Nugroho/detik)

Eramuslim – Amien Rais fulfilled the call from Metro Jaya Regional Police, related to the hoax case of Ratna Sarumpaet. This reformation hero talked about something irregular in this calling.

Before entering the investigation room. Amien spoke in front of the press. He quoted, the statement of Head of Police Public Relation Division, Irjen Setyo Wasisto, that said, Amien was called based on Ratna Sarumpaet’s information.

“This is the call letter for me that said, it based on Ratna Sarumpaet’s information on 2nd October, but, Sarumpaet got caught on 4th October. This is very odd. On 2nd October, Ratna hasn’t given any information to the police,” Amien said.

Ratna himself was arrested by police when she was about to go abroad on 4th October. Amien asked about that thing.

“Is this a criminalization attempt? Wallahu A’lam,” Amien asked.

This is the second call for Amien Rais related to this hoax case. He also asked the mistakes of the written name and the call letter. (15)

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