Surat Terbuka untuk Hillary Clinton

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

جماعة المسلمين (حزب الله)


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A statement of Jamaah Muslimin (Hizbullah)

Regarding the state visit of Hillary Clinton to Indonesia

United States policies toward Moslem Countries

In response to the state visit of United States ( US) Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton to Indonesia on February 18-19, 2009,–on her way to visit ASIAN countries to tighten bilateral ties with this region– Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) conveys all Moslems’ aspiration as follow:

1. Demands US to get used to living side by side peacefully with Moslem Communities all over the globe, because Moslems basically can live side by side and respect the other communities as long as they are allowed to practice their religion’s teaching and are not interfered in practicing their religion. This situation was practiced during the Era the Holy prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Medina and Caliphate Omar Ibnul Khattab in the Arab Peninsula as well as during Shalahuddin Al-Ayubi in Jerusalem Palestine.

2. US should have discussed peacefully about everything connected with Islam and Moslems with its Moslems’ counterparts and should have avoided any radical approach such as terrorizing them and using weaponry on behalf of eradicating terrorists.

3. Regarding the issue of Palestine– where Masjid Aqsa is situated–, US should have respected and helped the Moslems to liberate it because Masjid Aqsa is a holy site among the three sites; Masjid Al-Haram, Masjid An-Nabawi and Masjid Aqsa that should be handed to Moslems’ hand.

4. US should have pressed Israel to hand over Palestine and Masjid Aqsa because Palestine within everything inside is the possession of Moslems over the world. Masjid Aqsa was the first kiblah (direction in praying) of Moslem Community over the world, therefore, there should not be any oppression toward Moslems who visit and pray there because praying (shalat and doa ) in this Masjid is a part of their belief and practicing religion is a part of human rights.

5. It is urgent that United States learn from its previous government which was failed to make any conducive situation in many Moslems’ countries and lived side by side with Moslems, even US has kept on terrorizing and oppressing Moslems Countries all over the world. This failure has caused a bad image of US government, lessened the trustworthy to United States as well as created injustice on behalf of promoting justice.

This statement is to keep in mind of US Foreign Ministry Hillary Clinton and to tell it to US Government and its allies. We declare that whoever has made problem with Moslem countries will get in trouble unless they resolve it peacefully. We testify that there is no power except from Allah the Almighty of Universe.

Jakarta, February 18, 2009

Jamaah Muslimin ( Hizbullah)


Ali Farkhan Tsani