Bolehkah Mahar dengan Al-Qur’an


Ustadz who dirakhmati by God,

Ana want to ask may we use the Quran as a dowry.

What is the ruling ..

Please explanations

Jzkllh Khoir ..

Yours respectfully

Waalaikumussalam Wr Wb

Indeed dowry that has allowed at any price and permitted Personality ‘to be used.

For the notion that Manuscripts may be traded, in the opinion of scholars Shafi’i, Maliki and Hanafi and history of Ibn Abbas when asked about selling Manuscripts? He replied, “It’s okay, take payment from their hands.”

Ibn Qudamah say that there rukhshah (relief) in sales Manuscripts by Hasan, Hikam and Ikrimah as sales occur on the skin and then selling the paper (Manuscripts) are allowed.

Therefore, it is permissible to make sheets of Manuscripts as dowry either directly or postponed.

As for those who say selling illicit purchasing, they are the Hanbali scholars-are their statements will be used as a substitute for illicit Manuscripts in dowry. (

And Allaah knows best