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Under Anies, Jakarta Is More Humane

Redaksi – Rabu, 28 Muharram 1440 H / 10 Oktober 2018 19:12 WIB

Eramuslim – Not for long enough. Jakarta’s Governor, Anies Baswedan, will be exactly has led Jakarta for a year since 16th October 2018. This year, promise-by-promise has fulfilled. Recently, although it was very doubtful and opposed by many sides, Anies finished one of his biggest commitment, which is, stopping all of the reclamation project all across Jakarta Bay. But, for this year, it must be admitted that, the small people are the one who felt the most of Anies’ program.

“The most easiest way to value someone’s effectiveness and success can ce see by how the responds and the perceptions of small or poor people, about his performance. Small people are more honest to value Jakarta condition nowadays than any other. No one can deny that , this year’s Jakarta is indeed, a comfortable place for small people,” Fahira, Senator or DPD RI member, said.

Fahira stated, a leader must be siding and defending the poor people and strengthen them. Street vendors, pedicab, that were buing pursued, also eviction to the settlements in Jakarta, is over and it became a dark Jakarta history.

“Once more I said, if you want to know the changes of Jakarta, ask the small people, don’t ask to the bystander, people’s representatives, or those who have been supporting the reclamation program and assuming the small people must be get rid of behind the big walls of flats. Me, as a Senator seeing a big advance in Jakarta today,” Fahira stated.(15)

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